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DO NOT PUT IN YOUR INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE!!!! I know, I should never had done it, but I just wanted to see what it was about (yes, curiosity killed the cat lol).

It asked for first name, email address & phone number. I have been hammered with phone calls from them, companies I have never taked to or asked for information from (Phone numbers are coming up as from area code 707, unknown or just the number 1)and spam emails like crazy.

Glad I didn't give them my CC info or send them any money. At leaset I did not give them any CC

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Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, United States #853259

I hear ya. Every work at home and may I add states free has been a rip off.

All of them want a onetime fee then ur phone blows up and numerous emails. If I got paid for the calls and emails i receive then yes I could be looking pretty good financially.

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